We are specialized in providing unused living space in the region to business people and travelers.

While the Cosy Host team takes care of all short-term rental tasks with the utmost care, you as a customer benefit from an attractive additional income.

Advantages of our customers

  • Attractive source of income through unused living space.
  • Due to the shorter rental period, a higher rent can be achieved.
  • Protection from rental nomads: Accommodations with short rental periods are uninteresting for rental nomads.
  • Greater flexibility and greater freedom of choice due to the time limit.
  • Cleaning, heating and living instead of weathering.
  • Safety factor - your property is being looked at.

That's how it works

  • Contact

  • Get to know each other

  • Announcement

  • Earn money

Our services we offer

  • Presentation & Photos

    Presentation is everything and more than just a facade. With appealing photos and suitable texts we convey your property to business people or travelers!

  • Pricing

    We constantly adjust the price to demand and find a reasonable mediocre between utilization and profit.

  • Guest selection

    We choose the right tenants with the utmost care.

  • Guest communication

    We look after the tenants personally during their stay and we are available to them as contact persons.

  • Cleaning and care

    We organize order and cleanliness.

  • Domestic equipment

    If necessary, we will equip your property for a pleasant stay.

  • Key handing over

    We organize the handover of the apartments as well as the acceptance and final inspection following the rental.

  • Consumption and utility equipment

    We provide toiletries and equipment, which will be consumed during a stay, as well as bed linen and towels.

  • Additional income

    You receive a monthly clear billing on the generated rental income and the deposit into your bank account.

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