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Sightseeing & Surroundings


Capital of Liechtenstein, very small and imposing to look at. Ideally suited for a walk, a look at the art museum, Liechtenstein museum, tourist information and a few nice shops. A footpath leads up to the Prince’s Castle, where you can also enjoy a wonderful view over the Rhine Valley. The palace can only be viewed from the outside, except on August 15 – if you are lucky, you can linger in the palace garden to celebrate the prince’s birthday.
Ausflug Vaduz


Not far away, on the Austrian side of the border, is the town of Feldkirch, which enchants its visitors with all its historical beauty, its small streets, shopping facilities, culinary delights and much more.

Landesmuseum Liechtenstein

The Liechtenstein National Museum is a foundation under public law of the Principality of Liechtenstein, which presents the history as well as regional and natural history of Liechtenstein. The exhibitions are always changing. Admission is (usually) free on August 15th. Very interesting information about the country of Liechtenstein and ideal for a bad-weather trip.
Liechtenstein Museum
Liechtenstein Vaduz

Liechtenstein Center

The tourist information in Liechtenstein is now in – Staedtle 39, Vaduz 9490 Liechtenstein – and has great excursion tips for everyone. Fans of souvenirs will also find what they are looking for.



Werdenberg is a historic town in the canton of St. Gallen in eastern Switzerland. The town of Werdenberg belongs to the municipality of Grabs and is 0.5 km west of Buchs. It boasts of being the smallest town in Switzerland with around 55-60 inhabitants. Tips for trips in the area are available from – Werdenberg Tourismus Städtli 42 9470 Werdenberg, Switzerland.
alte rheinbruecke vaduz

Old Rhine Bridge

The bridge is for pedestrians or cyclists – a connection between Switzerland and Liechtenstein over the Rhine.


Nature & Parks


The Chäserrugg is a mountain in the municipality of Alt St. Johann in the canton of St. Gallen in eastern Switzerland. It lies in the Appenzell Alps between the upper Toggenburg and Lake Walen. The summit is at 2262 m above sea level. M. It is the easternmost of the seven Churfirsten mountains. It offers a fantastic view, worth a visit in summer and winter. Enjoying lunch or a coffee with this view is a dream.
Steg Liechtenstein


Even the way into the high valley of Liechtenstein offers breathtaking views over the Rhine Valley. Once at the top, time seems to stand still and you can enjoy the peace and quiet. The nature is beautiful and invites you to a leisurely hike. Sporty hikers and mountaineers also get their money’s worth here. In summer you can also avoid the heat up here and enjoy the fresh air.



The Säntis with its 2502 m is pure fascination! A unique mountain experience with breathtaking panoramic views over 6 countries, Lake Constance and the foothills of the Alps.

Pizolbahnen ski

Pizolbahnen AG

All is right with the world up here. If you take the Pizol cable car to the top, you can enjoy a wonderful view. Fantastic for skiing in winter, but non-skiers also get their money’s worth. You can stop off at the rustic Laufbodenstübli. From tobogganing to night skiing or other events, there is a lot on offer



The Tamina Gorge is the northern part of the Tamina Valley in the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Between Valens and the hamlet of Bonadivis, the water of the Tamina digs up to 200 m into the ground. This gorge is also a nice destination when the weather is not so promising or the days are very hot. In the rear part of the Tamina gorge there is a  thermal spring with 36.6° warm water. From 1350 to 1969 it was used in Bad Pfäfers, since then in the Valens healing clinic and in the thermal baths of Bad Ragaz. (


Ideal starting point for hikes, skiing in winter, or simply to escape from everyday life and relax. Malbun offers unique opportunities for vacation far away from the hustle and bustle and mass tourism.



The Seealpsee is a lake at 1141 m lying lake in the Alpstein area in Switzerland and belongs to the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden. The idyllic location, the clean water and two mountain inns make the Seealpsee one of the most popular destinations in the Alpstein area.



The Ebenalp is the northern end of the Alpstein and is 1644 m above sea level. M. on a ridge that stretches from the Säntis summit to the Schäfler. Beautiful hikes are possible here, with a great view, in the middle of nature.


Greifvogelpark Buchs

On around 10,000 square meters, the Buchs Birds of Prey Park presents a population of around 60 species of birds of prey and owls that is unique in Switzerland. Perfect for a short excursion nearby, directly accessible on foot or by bike.
greifvogelpark buchs
wildpark feldkirch

Wildpark Feldkirch



Hoher Kasten

hoher kasten
berggasthof aescher

Berggasthaus Aescher

A wonderful hike from spring to autumn to the Aescher mountain inn with great views and exceptional photo opportunities.  (




berggasthof aescher

Ridamm-City ErlebnisWelt - Neuguthof

Ridamm-City has a lot to offer, from the Western Olympics to the petting zoo and the Goldwash Camp. Keep an eye out for the events:


Technopark Liechtenstein

technopark liechtenstein